Thinking about tech?

Take a look at these resources:

Free Code Camp
Teaches HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, Git and GitHub, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js. Free Code Camp offers four free verified certifications: front end development, back end development, data visualization, and full stack development. 2,080 hours of free instruction includes opportunity to help a non-profit (unpaid) and gain experience.

Free Code Camp is completely free.

W3 Schools
“The World’s Largest Web Developer Site”

W3Schools is a web developers site, with tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery, covering most aspects of web programming.

W3Schools is also completely free.

Written to make tech feel approachable, Skillcrush is growing into a robust learning experience. There are tons of resources and articles, and classes include hands-on assignments. It is a great way to get past your tech anxiety (if you have that) and explore various disciplines. Skillcrush Blueprints include web design, visual design, web development, front end development, Ruby on Rails, and Freelance WordPress Developer. Blueprints run about $400, and access to your classes does not expire.


I have used the resources of these sites in my own exploratory process and have found each helpful in its own way. I have not received any remuneration or other benefit (material or otherwise) in exchange for sharing my opinions of them – and I do not have any affiliate relationships at all.

As from the beginning, the goal Better Brain Foundry is to provide resources and options to those searching for them.


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