Want a better job? Learn a second language…

Are you rewriting your resume?

Recently, I was working on a revamp of mine, so I searched to see what recruiters expect to see in 2016. I found many candidates list at least one secondary language, and I groaned inside.  Perhaps, like me, your Spanish was never better than the very basics. Things we can remember from Sesame Street…

So why bother now? 

You don’t have to do very much online searching to find a number of compelling reasons. Here are just a few:

Increased number of job opportunities 
From the article: “The U.S. Department of Labor estimated that there will be a 42% increase in jobs for interpreters and translators over the next ten years.”

Earn more money
From the article: “Studies have shown that bilingual employees can earn between 5% and 20% more money per hour than those who speak only one language.”

Employers perceive added value
From the article: “Bilingual employees offer innumerable benefits to your business. Many scientific studies have found that people who can speak more than one language enhance the workplace for others, as these individuals are often skilled multitaskers with impressive communication skills.”

Another language will help your brain!
From the article: “…many studies have demonstrated the benefits of second language learning not only on student’s linguistic abilities but on their cognitive and creative abilities as well.”

Earn extra money or land a more flexible job
From the website: “ Translation careers are an exciting option in telecommuting. As business is becoming more global, the demand for professionals who can work as translators to bridge the communication gap between cultures and businesses is immense.”

Think it takes too much time or money?

Well, it will definitely require an investment of time at the minimum. However, there are some really good resources out there now and one I particularly like for those of us who need to start at the very beginning.

This app is free and starts you with the basics. While it appears to be geared for kids, I found it challenging enough to be worthwhile – especially the parts where it explains all of the errors I made with the accent marks. Lessons are bite-sized so you can do as much or as little as your motivation allows. Another great feature is that you can add your learning progress to your LinkedIn profile.
Offers: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Danish, Russian, Norwegian, Esperanto, Ukranian, Polish, Welsh, Vietnamese, Hungarian. Classes to be added include: Greek, Hebrew, Czech, Romanian, Swahili, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, and for some real fun — Klingon.

I have not used either of the following, but they are well-known and very popular. Here is an article that compares the two — https://languages.oberlin.edu/babbel-vs-rosetta-stone-review/.

Offers: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish and Russian. Price ranges from $12.95/single month to $6.95/month for a year. Note that the subscription allows for learning a single language at a time, however, you can change languages if you wish. To try it out they offer the first lesson of every language via free registration.

Rosetta Stone
Languages include: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dari, Dutch, English (American), English (British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Pashto, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.  Prices appear to be language specific with a flat price for 24 months of online access. Current price is $229/24 months. Rosetta Stone offers a free demo on their website.

¡Feliz aprendizaje!


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