About me

Some random facts about me

I am relentlessly curious person who wants to learn whatever speaks to me on a given day.

When I was about 4 years old, I was spurred by a Rooster.

I have a clock in my living room that runs backward. It doesn’t even look wrong to me anymore.

My favorite book is “Fierce Pajamas,” an anthology of humor from the New Yorker Magazine. It sounds stuffier than it really is.

My husband has built me a cat-lady starter kit. The four cat-invaders were completely his idea.

I have a very low tolerance for poor customer service.

I may or may not have drowned a SIM in her SIM-pool a few dozen times. (IF I did, it purely for research).

My favorite pizza is made 42.9 miles away from my house. Vito’s doesn’t deliver.

I have an irrational fear of clowns rooted in some terrible 1970s movie I barely remember. My husband, became a clown after we were married.

I have zero tolerance for cruelty to the defenseless.

I LOVE Timbuk2 bags. This is not a commercial – just a fact. I have had 3 of them and plan to order another one soon.

All of my jobs since 2001 have required a degree I don’t have.

My Facebook preferences are set to the language “English, Pirate” because I got bored reading in Standard English. (Now all of “me hearties” are “Cap’ns).

I’ve listened to so much Car Talk, that I think I could actually diagnose a car problem with a sufficient number of clues.

I failed typing class the second quarter in my senior year. So I tried “visualization” but had no idea that would actually work. I can type at least 60 wpm ever since.

I think of daffodils as happy flowers, and they are one of my favorites.

I’m impatient with processes that are more cumbersome than necessary.

Stuck in a hotel with no power in an ice storm at Christmas, I will in fact eat not quite cold salad and soup that has been warmed over a barbecue grill – as long as, it is served with free wine.

I made my husband move away from NJ when he was 34. We’re never going back.

I buy peeps but never actually eat them.


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