Career Resouces

Part of the goal of this site is to provide resources for learning and resources for career growth. To that end, the below list contains the best resources I have found to date to help you meet your personal career goals.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know in advance the potential likelihood that a company is a good fit for us? This resource provides exactly that. Glassdoor provides reviews of the companies, information about interviews and salary ranges which are submitted by people who have either worked for or applied to these companies. There are also job posts and some stats. Note that the information for some smaller/newer companies may be sparse.
While I would not normally include a job search site link here, this one is included for those who seek a more flexible work situation. To this point Flex Jobs is the only resource I’ve found for which all sorts of flexible jobs have been vetted before inclusion. Flex Jobs includes a number of opportunities that are 100% work from home. This is not simply a jobs board, it includes a number of articles, skills tests (that are viewable by employers), and occasional webinars. This service is subscription based with a variety of plans based on subscription length.

The Human Workplace
This site is a treasure trove of resources for both employers and job seekers whose goal is to transform and participate in a reimagined workplace. Not every resource on this site is free, however, those that are, are extremely helpful. Note also that many of Liz’s articles are also available on the Forbes magazine website and also on LinkedIn. You can “follow” Liz on Linked in and her articles will appear in your customized version of the “Pulse” section.

College Dropouts Hall of Fame
Here is your A to Z list of successful school dropouts. I loved reading that Ray Bradbury never went to college but graduated from the library at the age of 28.


You Absolutely Must Be More Than One Thing, by Jeff Haden, writer for Forbes Magazine


Lynchpin, by Seth Godin


More resources will be added as they are identified and vetted.


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